Welcome to my personal web site!

I am a Passionate Freelancer and who can Develop Any ideas or project of Your’s. I am Software Developer from the age of 16 Year old. I have Built many ideas for lot of clients in various field of Android apps, Web Apps, Image processing and etc.


Android App Development

Custom Android App Development for any business.

Website Or Web App Development

Simple website like portfolio , Business profile or complex website like E – commerce , CRM.

Logo Design or Illustrator

Brand unique logo for your company or startup or any graphics designs

Image Processing Application

Image processing application in android or desktop application using python or Matlab 


Mobile casual game – The Catacombs



The pitman is placed in an underground maze and can dig horizontal and vertical tunnels through it. At least one tunnel already exists at the start of the game. Emeralds (usually in clusters) and bonuses are located at different points of the labyrinth. Monsters spawn at different point of labyrinth. If you dig the earth out from under the stone, the stone will sway for a few seconds, and then fall. Stone can be pushed left or right into vertical paths, with similar results. Falling stone and bonuses will squash monsters, but they will also squash the digger. The pitman has a weapon, this is bombs which he can set on different places and bombs will destroy all around place set.


Game Play

System CleanerOptmUs


System Cleaner is designed to clean your smartphone from files and garbage inevitably created by installed applications. Daily one-time cleaning of the phone memory will increase the comfort of use by reducing friezes. What is System Cleaner capable of?

Garbage Cleaner
The original data analysis algorithm helps you determine which files are useful and which just waste your computer’s memory. Of course, we pay special attention to your music, chat data, photos, documents, and other files so that they are never mistakenly deleted.

Phone Cooler
System Cleaner uses a unique algorithm that analyzes the heat from applications and optimizes the operation of background processes. It tracks temperature changes and lets you know if something goes wrong. And, of course, it allows you to solve the problem with a single tap!

Free memory
System Cleaner can speed up app launches by up to 70% with a single tap. It frees up RAM and CPU resources and helps your phone run faster.


My Skills

Android Development , HTML , CSS , PHP , Python , Java , JavaScript , Image Processing , Logo Design in Adobe illustrator , Firebase ,UI/UX , Adobe illustrator.