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I am a Passionate Freelancer and who can Develop Any ideas or project of Your’s. I am Software Developer from the age of 16 Year old. I have Built many ideas for lot of clients in various field of Android apps, Web Apps, Image processing and etc.


Android App Development

Custom Android App Development for any business.

Website Or Web App Development

Simple website like portfolio , Business profile or complex website like E – commerce , CRM.

Logo Design or Illustrator

Brand unique logo for your company or startup or any graphics designs

Image Processing Application

Image processing application in android or desktop application using python or Matlab 


Mobile casual game – The Catacombs



In the game, players lead a small miner through an underground labyrinth. Complete all hardcore levels inspired by classic maze games. The game combines old school game and new arcade elements. This is the most challenging adventure that will test your skills! Take you back to your favorite arcade machine!

Key Features:

  • Challenging Puzzles levels
  • Different monster has different skills
  • Short and intense gaming sessions
  • Hand-Painted Retro graphic from 90s
  • 8 bit musics and sounds
  • 1 to 3 hours play time
  • Small app size

Relax, and let’s take an adventure in Catacombs!

Detailed description of the game-play
βœ”οΈ The pit-man is placed in an underground maze and can dig horizontal and vertical tunnels through it. At least one tunnel already exists at the start of the game. Emeralds (usually in clusters) and bonuses are located at different points of the labyrinth. Monsters spawn at different point of labyrinth. If you dig the earth out from under the stone, the stone will sway for a few seconds, and then fall. Stone can be pushed left or right into vertical paths, with similar results. Falling stone and bonuses will squash monsters, but they will also squash the digger. The pit-man has a weapon, this is bombs which he can set on different places and bombs will destroy all around place set. This game is a re-imagining of the classic retro game the Digger .

⭐ Controls:

  • Use the screen to control your game hero.
  • The bomb is activated by double tapping.

πŸ“ Please look their detailed description of game objects:

  • Door – when you need more jewels and the door is open you can afford a tool to go to the next cave.
  • Stone Wall – no matter what you do, you can not get through this wall. It surrounds the borders of the cavern.
  • Sand Wall – throw a bomb on this wall or destroy the bomb next to it to remove if it interferes with your progress.
  • Dirt – is what you dig.
  • Jewel – collect at least 20 to escape. You will usually have to discard them at the exit in order to continue your journey. Also all the jewels to keep you at 10 points.
  • Apple – this fruit to keep you time of life up on 10 point and score up on 15 point!
  • Star – this bonus to keep you time of life up on 50 point and score up on 15 point!
  • Heart – this bonus to keep you life up on 1 point.
  • Box – If you want to collect bombs, you should find it.
  • Boulder – scattered all over the place, push it away or throw it at the monsters.
  • Bomb – drop bomb and it goes BOOM! No matter the distance.
  • Fire – when the monsters or pit-man touch it, they go BOOM.
  • Monsters – whey are placed all around the caverns and seem to only exist to stop your progress. Drop boulders at enemies and they will turn into gems, fruit or boulders.
  • Glass sphere – your save point
  • Gold coin – valuable artifact, available once during the passage of the game

🚩 Attention! If the ad network is unavailable for a long time, the game switches to demo mode.


Sky Jumper: Turtles


Help the turtles collect the stars without falling through the gaps!
A classic jumping game, bring back the memories of a your retro gaming console!

⭐ Key Features:

  • 6 game worlds, more levels are coming soon
  • Hand-Painted stunning graphics
  • Different monster has different skills, freeze to crash them
  • Small app size
  • Collect a large amount of coins
  • Challenging Puzzles levels
  • Music generated by neural networks

πŸš€ Controls:

  • Swipe left or right to make turtle run in the direction you want
  • Swipe up to jump or double click to stop moving

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✨ Interaction:

  • Collect bonuses and coins to become the best in the list of players and get rewards
  • Avoid collision with game monsters
  • Acquire new levels and playable characters

😎 Relax, and let’s take an adventure in Sky Jumper!


My Skills

Android Development , HTML , CSS , PHP , Python , Java , JavaScript , Image Processing , Logo Design in Adobe illustrator , Firebase ,UI/UX , Adobe illustrator.



I started developing my first application – OptimUS smart utility for phone optimization.